Sunday, 31 May 2009

blimin' marvellous weekend

We've enjoyed a fabulous half term week and am feeling a little sad that the kids are going back to school tomorrow (yes, I'll get over it as soon as they're through the school gates I know). 

It's felt like a proper break with the sun shining and the kids (our kids and friend's) running around the garden and in the pool the past few days. We've managed to fit in sooo much - Hannah Montana movie (surprisingly watchable!), NATM 2 (gets the thumbs up from Cakes), bowling with the Rookes (including a Mimi meltdown when she came last (again) OOPS), the beach, Marsh Farm, swimming and much more. 

Started the school hols with a trip to the Natural History Museum in Oxford. It's amazing - particularly all of the wonderful objects stored in beautitful old style cabinets  - very Indiana Jones.  A big big big thank you to The In-Laws for a lovely weekend in the Cotswolds and for looking after us so well. 

The fun continued into the weekend - mojitos at Fi and Simons on Friday and The Warrens came over last night to watch the BGT final. Another very boozy affair! 

Here's some photos from Mimi's birthday. Enjoy the sun!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Have been really busy over the past couple of weeks so not much time for blogging.  However, the sun has finally come out and I'm feeling energised at the mo (won't last long).

Dr Green is golfing today at Woburn. Weather is great here so let's hope he's doing OK (and managing to stay out of the water, ha, ha!!)

Mimi and Cakes are frazzled after test week last week and have been struggling to get out of bed all week. We plan to do lots of lazying around next week. Will pop to the gym if we get a nice day and use the outdoor pool. They are both keen to watch the Hannah Montanna movie too (yippee!!). Other than that, there'll be plenty of playing in the garden and maybe a trip to Hadleigh Castle.

Have finished making a summer dress for me which actually looks quite wearable. Will post pictures soon. Next project is a wrap over skirt when the kids are back to school.

Thanks Rachel for the dress and the mac - both fit beautifully.

Looking forward to seeing the In-Laws on Friday.