Monday, 23 April 2012

Dotty Sparkle's Farmers Market

I thought I'd have a go at selling my wares a bit further afield so ventured off to Dotty Sparkle's Farmers Market in Thorpe Bay on Sunday.

It was a small affair with around 15 stalls - a mix of craft and foods - in the most gorgeous little church hall. Dotty (Caroline) did a fabulous job decorating the hall and the tea room in pretty vintage bits.  A lovely atmosphere and backdrop to the proceedings.

So, we had a dry run with the stall on Saturday to see if we could get it to look less of a jumble. Claire's parents very kindly lent me their bespoke shelving (they have antique stalls) to give our stall some height and interest. I was absolutely delighted with the result.

Well, the day turned out to be profitable and, most importantly, we had great support from lots of our Leigh friends who popped by. The kids had a great time setting up the stall, mooching around the hall and serving too.

Am chuffed to bits with a new idea of mine - small mice (in vintage dresses!!) in beds - which sold extremely well. I shall make lots of these for next time as I love fiddling around with the different fabrics and buttons for their garments.

Anyhow, off to get the kids to school. Got a bench cushion to make for my friends AC and John today and a tutorial to write for tomorrow's sewing lesson.

Ta ta for now.