Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Only Tuesday...

...and Dr Green has been working from home today. The chickens have been outside for a bit, after we patched up the fence AGAIN. Had a mad escapee last week - Esmeralda managed to get into nextdoor's garden and it took a good 15 minutes of arm waving to direct her back through the hole in the fence into our garden.

It's been quite a productive day. Have painted a shelving unit for Mimi's bedroom. The plan is that she will display some of her 'treasure' purchases from Battlesbridge (antique centre). Have also made some more stock for summer fares/the website. Will post some photos soon.

Dr Green has started on the kitchen. In an effort to tart it up a bit and get some more cupboard space, we are changing the doors, tiles and floor and replacing some of the shelves with storage cupboards. Will post a photo once it's all looking gorgeous. Have also been baking cookies and making monster scotch eggs (think canon balls) for my hubby. Feeling rather virtuous now so will join Dr Green on the sofa to watch the footie and tuck into a large G&T!

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