Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Can I go to bed yet?

This is turning out to be yet ANOTHER manically busy week. The Clifton family is just about holding it together and limping through to the school hols.

On the plus side, Mimi has been offered a modelling contract for a fab and funky kids' agency who have lots of big name clients. She's extremely excited. I've sold some handmade goodies this week so have some extra cash to spend in Brighton with the girls on Friday. I'm off to see a friend of mine tread the boards on Thursday evening in a production of Absent Friends (my second trip to the theatre in 2 weeks, yippee!!).

Tomorrow is a mad one - school trip for Cakes, Mimi has a musicial production, play dates and finally both kids are at Cubs. I'll enjoy that glass of wine at Ugo's with Dr Green whilst they are both down at the Coal Hole.

Dr Green is looking forward to a day of golf on Friday whilst I'm swanning around in Brighton. Just hope he remembers to collect the kids from school. YIKES!!

As the World Cup draws to an end, the Clifton sweepstake is hotting up. Jake has Germany and Uruguay, Esme has Holland and I have Spain. Viva Espanol!!!

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