Thursday, 2 December 2010


Well, the kids finally got their wish as West Leigh was closed today. (This hasn't happened since 2003 apparently!) We were invited out to meet the masses on Marine Parade for a spot of sledging and some snowball throwing. However, 20 minutes outside in the cold and it was all too much for Mimi, who was by now in tears. Cakes was also keen to return home to get his Black Ops fix. I can't believe an 'outdoorsy' girl like me has produced such wimpy kids. Dr Green has a lot to answer for.....oh yeah!!

Back indoors, warmed up and telly on, I had an opportunity to tuck into some sewing. Muchos cushion making at the mo to fulfil some orders that came in at the Vintage Fair last Saturday. I've attached some photos and would appreciate any comments. Ta.

Mimi baked a lovely lemon cake this afternoon, as well as home made pizza for tea. We made a (unicorn?!) snowman in the front garden, followed by the lighting of candles and dancing around the living room to cheesy Christmas hits. Just waiting for Dr Green to return home now with a bottle of fizz.

School closed again tomorrow. Oh joy of joys. Brrrrr!

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