Sunday, 26 September 2010

Roses & Rue at Village Green

Had a fabulous time at Village Green yesterday. Roses & Rue had a beautifully presented stall full of wonderful knitted and crocheted goodies. Spent the day there speaking to lots of very friendly local ladies. Hopefully Sharon will see some of these lovely ladies in the shop soon for a bit of knit and natter or to take up a course.

Thanks for a great day girls. x

More puppy photos

Mimi's new play mate.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Really enjoyed the Great British Bake Off

Dr Green and I really got into this competition which ended this week with Edd winning the final. We absolutely loved Ruth's style, organisation and overall coolness over the last few weeks so gutted she didn't win. However, I have visited her blog and it's full of wonderful cake recipes and Ruth's ramblings. I highly recommend it.

Have been a bit of a domestic goddess this afternoon myself! (Am stuck indoors puppy training so might as well get on with a bit of cooking.) Knocked up a chocolate cake with vanilla and choc butter icing (Mimi, Evie and I have already tucked into it) and a beef stroganoff for Dr Green's supper.

Fancy making Ruth's minced beef and onion pie tomorrow. Simple but apparently very yummy.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Not much time for blogging...

... not much time for doing anything but looking after the nipping, pooing and weeing machine that is masquerading as our new puppy! Spent the last few days peeling the puppy, Mabel, off of my shoes and clearing up little puddles and packages.

Off to the vets this evening to get her first set of jabs and some puppy advice. Dr Green will be there for moral support - I'm useless when it comes to needles and kids/small animals.

The kids have been fighting over puppy holding time. Something else for me to referee. Cakes has suggested that Mimi gets her own puppy for Christmas to stop hogging this one. No chance!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Dr Green, the puppy magnet

Oh, I know this is going to get boring..... more puppy photos. Dr Green and Mimi with muchos puppies and Cakes with little Mabel.

And they call it Puppy Love

Here she is, looking a bit bedraggled after a huge saucer of milk, our puppy Mabel. We had a visit yesterday and are counting the days until she arrives home in two weeks time.

There's also a photo of Mimi with four of Mabel's siblings.