Monday, 3 January 2011

Oh dear, another birthday

45 years old! How did that happen!!!

Anyhow, I promised myself this year we would make a fuss of my birthday rather than squeeze it into the Christmas celebrations. Started with a birthday breakfast courtesy of the lovely Claire (Bear) Bright the week prior. Got a chance to catch up with some great mates and eat pastries/drink tea. Super. (Slightly marred by the fact that I'd lost my voice and had had a rather painful tooth extraction the day before).

On B'Day managed to pop in to Roses & Rue to say hi Sharon and Lara. This was followed by lunch at Stop the World with Dr Green and the kids - just love their welsh rarebit, superb. Next stop was Battlesbridge Antique Centre for a bit of a mooch, although it was bitterly cold and the kids couldn't wait to hot foot it home.

A big thanks to mum and dad for coming over to babysit in the evening. It was fab to catch up with The Warrens, The Bossoms, Julie and Pauline in Ugos. Got really squiffy (it felt like an out of body experience) and now know that copious amounts of Neurofen, paracetamol and wine is NOT a good mix.

Got lots of beautiful, thoughtful presents from my lovely friends and family. Thank you very much everyone. I would like to point out that Dr Green outdid himself with the present buying this year. My teapot is magnificent (see photo). He has set the bar high for next year!

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