Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Much making

My making mojo is back with a vengeance!

Over the past couple of weeks I have finished knitting three more Pete the Reindeers - that's Christmas gifts done for Claire, Lorraine, Lynda, Sarah and Claire L. Have crocheted yet another granny square blanket that I don't need or have a home for but it is my favourite so far.

Am also cracking on with a fair bit of stock making for the Christmas season. There appears to be an owl theme going on here - owl cushions, owl pencil rolls and owl aprons. And, many, many more projects are underway.

Tomorrow takes me (and my lovely knitting ladies) to London for the Knit and Stitch Fair at the Alexander Palace.  Time to stock up on haberdashery and lots of gorgeous fabrics and yarn.  This is my fifth year at the Ally Pally and it never disappoints. Will post pictures of my stash soonish.

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  1. Have a fabby time with the Knit and Natter ladies... will there be enough room for everything you buy, let alone time for everyone's show and tell?