Friday, 22 June 2012

'LOLOS' Dress A Girl Around the World

A big shout out to the the ladies of Leigh on sea (LOLOS)!!! I do love an acronym..we could even be LILOS - ladies in Leigh on sea but that may have other connotations.

Anyhow, didn't we have a lovely day today making little frocks for Dress a Girl Around the World. This must be THE perfect way to spend a wet/windy/chilly/grey day in Leigh on sea. And much cake eating, tea drinking and chatting was done too. Even Mr Grey got a mention... and I concur, Colin Firth is much too 'nice' to play that role.

A big thank you to the dress makers - Claire B, Claire L, Lorraine, Sarah, Nicola, Kirsty and Vicky - for getting involved. Spread the word ladies.

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