Saturday, 23 June 2012

Coolio 'London' cushions

Had a rather enjoyable trip to London last weekend to pick up some super duper fabrics at Fabrics Galore in Clapham. So many lovely fabrics in store I went into a bit of a panic. However, managed to pull myself together to buy some of this gawjus London fabric. Trimmed with a bit of piping, I think these extra large cushions are a bit special. Will be adding these to my stock for the Village Green next weekend! Lovely jubbly.

Friday, 22 June 2012

'LOLOS' Dress A Girl Around the World

A big shout out to the the ladies of Leigh on sea (LOLOS)!!! I do love an acronym..we could even be LILOS - ladies in Leigh on sea but that may have other connotations.

Anyhow, didn't we have a lovely day today making little frocks for Dress a Girl Around the World. This must be THE perfect way to spend a wet/windy/chilly/grey day in Leigh on sea. And much cake eating, tea drinking and chatting was done too. Even Mr Grey got a mention... and I concur, Colin Firth is much too 'nice' to play that role.

A big thank you to the dress makers - Claire B, Claire L, Lorraine, Sarah, Nicola, Kirsty and Vicky - for getting involved. Spread the word ladies.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How to make a pillowcase dress

Hello, I've written some (hopefully) simple instructions for making the Dress a Girl Around the World pillowcase dress. Thanks very much everyone for getting involved and hope you enjoy doing a bit of sewing. I would love to see photos of any extra dresses you make.

Here goes:
  1. Cut along the top of the pillowcase (where it is sewn together). This will be the top of the dress.
  2. Measure the J-shaped armholes using the template (see link to website for templates below). Draw around template and cut armhole shape.
  3. Cut dress to length (see chart below), allowing an extra 2 cms for hem. Iron over 1 cm hem, then another 1 cm hem to tuck in raw edges. Sew this hem in place.
  4. Make casing at the top of the dress: Turn cut edge at top under 1 cm and iron. Now turn over another 3 cm and iron. Sew close to the edge.
  5. Cut 2 pieces of elastic (see chart for length). Attach a safety pin to one end of elastic and thread through casing. Pin both ends of elastic in place and sew across each end of elastic and casing (do this a few times to secure it).
  6. Cut bias-binding to length x 2 (see attached for length). Needs to be long enough for armholes and ties on the shoulders.
  7. Fold bias binding in half lengthways - iron. Pin the bias-binding to both armhole edges, centring it lengthwise so there are equal amounts on each end for shoulder ties.
  8. Sew the tape around armholes, starting at the end of the binding. Tuck in raw edges at the ends of the tape.
  9. Tie your ties and dress is finished!
Chart for sizes (in cms)

Size (age)      Finished length         Folded width      Bias-binding length       Elastic length
Baby                     36-40                         40                           76                                 15
1-2                        44-48                         43                           89                                 15
3-4                        51-56                         45                           91                                 18
5-6                        59-64                         50                           91                                 18
7-8                        67-72                         55                           91                                 18
9-10                      74-77                         58                           91-100                          20
11                          79-84                         58                          101                                20
12-14                     87-89                        58                           101                               20

see '' for more information and photos.

Happy sewing.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chocolate Fridge Cake for Friday

Looking forward to getting everyone together on Friday to Dress a Girl Around the World...making chocolate fridge cake as I blog, sample dress made with help from Mimi....