Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bulbs, blossom, bl**dy foxes, blinds and beamers

The spring bulbs are out and there's tonnes of blossom on the plum trees so it's about time I ventured into the garden to start the great Spring tidy up. Enough faffing around with the vegetable patch and chickens, I need to get stuck into a bit of garden maintainence.

Also, we didn't put the kids toys away last summer so they have taken root on the football pitch and are now covered in fox wee (NICE!!!). Maybe I'll leave it for Dr Green.

Have just finished making my little sister's bedroom curtains. Next step is a blind for her en-suite. I'll post pictures when it's done as it's a really nice floral Laura Ashley fabric.

Have not had a chance to drive the beamer today, however, we are off to Cake's tutor later so Mimi and I will don the shades and go for a cruise to Sainsbury (and, yes, that's about as exciting as it gets for us!!!!)


  1. Am totally intrigued to know how you manage to combine chickens with a fox problem - Our guinea pigs suffered a very untimely demise!!

  2. The chicken run is integral to the chicken house and is really quite a sturdy structure. I do let the chickens roam the garden throughout the day but only when there is someone with them. At night, we shut the chooks away in the hen house. I do keep an eye out for any burrowing under the chicken house as we can hear the foxes sniffing around the garden at night - making the weird noises that they do. Fingers crossed we'll keep them alive for a while - the kids would be devastated!! L X

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