Thursday, 19 March 2009

Feeling frazzled!

Am just tucking into a nice glass of red, along with some chocolate cake that I baked earlier. Purely medicinal. I'm feeling quite worn out (need more calories) but a bit wired (just so much to think about).

As usual, too much on the agenda today. Have been food shopping, baking, sewing blinds, entertaining friends and kids, childminding, school parent interview and the usual housework/washing etc etc. Need to slob on the sofa now and switch brain off for a while.

A week sunbathing in the Canary Islands sounds ideal at the mo. However, Dr Green has a week off in the Easter break so we'll probably continue the mad run around with trips to London, museums and National Trust properties. (Photo is of the kids last Easter. We found some great little coves in Dorset, tucked away from the main beaches).

Once the garden is sorted and it warms up, think I'll get the kids to school, slump on a sun bed and start reading all the books that are piled up in the study. Heaven!!

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