Sunday, 8 March 2009

What a lovely (but cold) weekend

Have had a fab weekend. It all started with a girlie shopping trip to Bas Vegas with Rachel The Sister-in-Law. She was on an obvious mission to spend some pinkles. Rachel The Sister-in-Law very kindly babysat - thank you again - whilst Dr Green and I went to the rugby club quiz night. As far as we know, we didn't embarrass ourselves and even managed to score well on the arts and literature round. I think our team managed to finish up somewhere around the middle. Does anyone know the name of the woman who chucked paint at Mandleson last week? Nope, nor did we.

Saturday was rather nice too. Took Mimi and Belly Button to the gym for a swim whilst Dr Green finished off the kitchen cabinets. Will post pictures soon, promise. Cakes had a party invite for bowling and supper at an American Diner. I'm liking these more grown up parties. Less manic running around, hyping up on party food/very loud party entertainers.

Today Dr Green and Cakes took a trip to The Emirates to watch the Arsenal win 3-0 against someone beginning with B (Burnley, Barnsley). Mimi and I have been to the farm. She has had a great day with the ponies, spring lambs, tiny piglets and petting the rabbits and guinea pigs. Had our first picnic lunch of the year - blinkin' freezing. Just had to have a portion of chips from the farm chuck wagon to keep warm. Will get back onto the WW diet tomorrow...... probably.

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