Thursday, 2 April 2009

The chocolate brownie diet...

... is going well. Am also really enjoying Cajun Squirrel crisps (Cake's favourite at the mo). As you may have gathered Fat Fighters is off the menu this week. It would be more of a 'waddle of shame' than a 'walk'.

Anyhow, we have booked a week's holiday in Spain for June! HOORAH!!!! Can't wait to warm up around the pool and do very little apart from play with the kids and indulge. Maybe lovely Sister In Law Rachel could come and house/chicken sit(?).

Dr Green is out tonight on a stag night. This involves (aside from the very obvious throwing up tomorrow morning) a trip around the Circle Line, disembarking at 14 stops and drinking a pint at each!!!! Claire Bear and I have a trip to Ikea planned for tomorrow so will leave him to suffer on the sofa in peace.

Have made Cakes an outfit for Greek day at school tomorrow - although it looks more Casper the Ghost than Zorba. Will post a photo in the morning if I remember.

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  1. am happy to housesit - think I can get away with using Nick's train pass for a week though?!